Our Belief

We believe in honesty fairness and trust. If you feel you can't honour these three simple principles, then we ask you to review trading with us.

Buying From Us

From independent retailers to large chain stores, our facilities are designed to supply the best possible cards right when you need them. Everything is always in stock and if you place a large order, we’ll just make it. We constantly strive to bring new artwork to the greeting card world so you will always see something new, different and diverse.

What Customers Say

"I love the diversity of the ranges, the artwork has so much versatility for occasions and they always say something meaningful. When I look at them I often smile...."  

Rebecca, Amore - Worcester 

"What we like about Blue Island Press? That's easy! Our business depends on our ability to answer "YES!" when a customer asks "Do you have anything new?" BIP always provides us with a steady supply of fresh, new designs that feature a broad variety of imagery. From classic fine art to contemporary work from an always increasing group of talented illustrators Blue Island Press is a solid resource for us as distributors in the U.S. market."

Eli Nelson, Nelson Line - USA Distributer